All the information on IPv6, including deployment data, statistics and materials of interest, are now available in a new section of the LACNIC website.

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LACNIC28 – LACNOG2017 videos

Panel: Implementing the Internet of Things

IPv6 is Internet Standard!

Software performance, v4 vs v6

NAT64/DNS64 real life experiments and one useful tool

Troubleshooting IPv6

IPv4 + IPv6 = Top grade network

What’s going on in… BGP, DNS, IPv6??

IPv6 Challenge award

Videos LACNIC27

Panel: Cases of Successful IPv6 Deployment in the Region

Best Current Operational Practice for operators: IPv6 Prefix Assignment for end-customers – persistent vs non-persistent and what size to choose

Keynote IPv6 Ready Logo Aiding IPv6 Deployment

SIIT and NAT64 with Jool

Evolution of Data Centers without IPv4 (SIIT-DC)

Experiences in Deploying Voice over IPv6

NATmeter – Alejandro Acosta, LACNIC

Keynote: IPv6 @ FB: A journey from the NIC to the Edge

IPv6 Deployment in 4 Cooperatives (Grupo Conelectricas CostaRica)

LACNIC 2017 IPv6 Challenge – Winners Announcement

Interview: Panel Success stories IPv6 implementations in the region

Videos LACNIC26 – LACNOG2016

Tutorial Advanced IPv6 – Part 1

Tutorial Advanced IPv6 – Part 2

Tutorial Advanced IPv6 – Part 3

Tutorial Advanced IPv6 – Part 4

Internet of Things – Carsten Bormann

Panel Internet of Things

IPv6 Prefix Size Distribution in LATAM

How Are We Deploying IPv6? Jordi Palet Martínez (Consulintel)

Dr. IPv6 Alejandro Acosta (LACNIC)

LACNIC25 Videos

Interview with Ines Robles (AR): “What is 6lo?”

Interview with Nayreth González (PA): “Government Plans for IPv6 Adoption in Panama”

Interview with Tom Coffeen (US): “The IPv6 Evangelist”

Interview with Latif Ladid (LU): “IPv6 Forum in Latin America”

Interview with Azael Fernández Alcántara (MX): “14th Latin American IPv6 Forum – FLIP6”

LACNIC24 Videos

Interview with Tomas Lynch (AR): “IPv6 in the Access Network” (part I)

Interview with Tomas Lynch (AR): “IPv6 in the Access Network” (parte II)

Interview with Lacier Dias (BR): “IPv6 Routing”

Interview with Fernando Alirio Contreras (CO): “Actions of the Colombian Ministry of ICT (MINTIC) to Promote IPv6 Adoption”

Interview with Andrés Gallegos (CO): “IPv6 in the IFX Network”

Interview with Gustavo Mercado (AR): “The Internet of Things and IPv6”

LACNIC23 Videos

Interview with Laura Kaplan (AR) and Gustavo Guimerans (UY): “TestingV6”

Interview with Hugo Peña (BR): “Equipment that Supports IPv6”

Interview with Hans Reyes (MX): “IPv6 in Academic Networks and Mass Adoption of the Protocol”

Interview with Christian O’Flaherty (AR): “ISOC Actions Aimed at Promoting IPv6 – IPv6 at the IETF”

Interview with Iván Chumo (PE): “The Decision to Implement IPv6 at Optical Networks”

Interview with John Brzozowski (US): “Comcast’s IPv6 Service”

Interview with Enrique Dávila (MX): “Equipment that Supports IPv6”

Interview with Augusto Cuadros (PE): “IPv6 at Optical Networks”