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IPv6 Challenge


The LAC IPv6 Task Force (LACTF) [1] and the IPv6 Challenge Evaluation Committee are pleased to invite the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community to participate in our 4th IPv6 Challenge

What is the IPv6 Challenge?

The IPv6 challenge is a contest where individuals and organizations submit the progress they have made in reference to IPv6 in their network or institution.


To promote and support IPv6 deployment in the region through a fun and healthy competition.

Who can participate?

Any person or institution in the region with the desire to set a goal and implement and/or advance their IPv6 deployment (countries within the LACNIC service region [2]).

What do I have to do to participate?

  1. Register using the link we provide
  2. Have fun doing things with IPv6

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

* Experiences in IPv6 deployment

* Monitoring

* Transitioning services to IPv6

* Application programming (APIs, sockets)

* IPv6 in residential networks

* Service trials

* Measurements

* IPv6-related research

* IP addressing / management / control

* IPv6 and DNS

* IPv6 in e-commerce / e-banking / e-government

* Deployment case studies

* Financial and social aspects of IPv6

* IPv6 and MPLS

* IPv6 in access networks / last mile (DOCSIS / DSL / GPON / other)

* IPv6 in satellite networks

* IPv6 and geolocation

* IPv6 in OSS/BSS or similar systems (challenges)

* Privacy and security with IPv6

* IPv6 security at an ISP and companies

* IPv6 and mobility

* IPv6 in 5G and 4G networks

* Routing protocols

* IPv6 as it relates to “Technologies and Governance” for a secure and open Internet

* Other local experiences (universities, government networks / portals, ISOC chapters, etc.)

* IPv6 in SDN / NFV

* IPv6 in the Cloud

* IPv6 in Fog Networking

* IPv6 in the IoT

Non-limiting examples of prior projects:

  • Offering transparent services to a group of end users over both versions of the Internet protocol (IP)
  • Implementing servers with IPv6 support, such as Web, DNS, Conference, Jabber, SSH, and other servers
  • Developing IPv6-capable software
  • Implementing IPv6 in a monitoring network

Important: Proposals that consider security and monitoring issues will be highly valued.

Who wins?

The winner will be decided by a committee of experts from different countries. There is no single formula for determining the winner. In general, the best, most interesting project, the one with the largest scope and which never loses sight of security will be named the winner.

Among others, the following aspects will be valued:

  1. Security of the implementation
  2. IPv6 user base (e.g., IPv6 in a wireless, fixed, cellular, GPON network, etc.) within the community
  3. Number of IPv6services and/or servers
  4. Development involved


The winners will receive a prize. They will also be announced in LACNIC’s newsletter as well as on other social networks.


Important dates:

Registration: 25 July 2018 to 24 August 2018 -18:00 UTC

Registration closes: 24 August 2018 -18:00 UTC

Reports will be accepted until: Friday 7 September 2018 – 18:00 UTC

Any questions should be addressed to the IPv6 Challenge Committee: